2021 Home Interior Trends.

2020 was the year interior design had an all time boost; from pampas to navy kitchens, and many of us creating home offices, homeschooling spaces, and gyms, to meet the demands of the new lockdown lifestyle. 

As we’ve moved into 2021, Home Furniture Co have taken a look at the new and upcoming interior design trends to share with you all: 


Cottagecore is a real crowd pleaser, mixing modern interior with some homely items to inject some character into the living space. Cottagecore draws inspiration from the countryside, think botanical and floral motifs, wool, linel and floral prints. 

Top tip: Cottagecore works especially well in homes that already have some characteristic features, such as original floorboards and exposed beams.


Wall paneling started out early to mid last year, however the trend is forever growing and is here to stay for 2021. Paneling is a simple way to bring architectural shape to a featureless room, or act as a statement alternative to tiles in a bathroom. One of the main benefits of wall paneling is that it can be installed yourself. Not to mention the fact it can be popped right over existing walls for an instant neat updated finish, as long as any damp is already dealt with.

Cocooning Furniture:

With many people spending a lot of time at home these past few months; there is no surprise that squishy sofas and chairs, curvalicious shapes and snuggly fabrics are high on trend right now. Gone are the days of sofas for interior design purposes, as comfort is now key. From cosy sheepskin to teddy bear fabric, not only do these sofas and chairs look amazing, they also provide comfort that you could snuggle into all day long!

Dried Flowers: 

House plants took to storm throughout the whole of 2020, with Pampas grass sneaking in late on in the year. However, 2021 is a year all about sustainability and natural fabrics. Which is why dried flowers and faux plants are now taking over. From hanging plants and creepers to bright, beautiful blooms; there will be a faux or dried plant to suit your style and space. These beauties not only help to brighten up your home, but also help your bank balance too as they last on average 1-3 years.


Grandmillennial, so what’s it all about? Social media has played a large part in the birth and popularity of grandmillennial style. Think modern-day design co-existing with retro elements. Grandmillennial is all about incorporating hand-me-downs, inherited pieces, and reclaimed furniture and making them look at home in a modern interior. Adding grandmillennial style into your home is said to remind you of the warmth and comfort we felt in our grandparent's homes… and were so here for it. 


Is green the new grey? From walls to units, sage green is becoming overly popular in homes, and is looking to be one of the biggest kitchen trends for 2021. The colour green is synonymous with nature and calming qualities, which explains its popularity for creating a contented home. 


Japandi is the perfect fuse of Scandinavian (or Nordic) functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism. The Japandi trend has become ever so popular for its minimalistic and harmonious style. When looking to add a touch of Japandi to your home, stick to the colour schemes featuring neutral, muted tones - think beige, stone, taupe and oatmeal. This will give your space a minimalist look, but with a warm feel. 


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